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    We package or place into envelopes any product\ you produce for sales or promotions. Marbles, spinning tops, collectable cards, photos, trading cards, promotional items for food, three-dimensional items, etc.
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    In flat sachet or flow pack.
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    Our versatile machinery allows us to adapt jobs to the needs of every customer, both in terms of format and quantity.
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    Our logistics department will analyse the characteristics of your product at all times, offering a meticulous economic study and time and production strategy.

Experience in PACKAGING

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    CUTTING MACHINES: Generally the first process to be carried out is cutting in formats, which allow us to then collate them. We have several high-precision, programmable automatic “Polar 115 EM” cutting machines for this purpose.
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    COLLATOR: For the random or stipulated mixing of formats, we have a Bourg S DIN A-3 modular collator, with 20 double loading stations with error and double control, achieving extremely precise collating.
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    PACKAGERS: We have three specific areas for carrying out the different types of packaging:




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    • 70100 cm format.

    • Cutting and collating up to 100 cards.

    • Double cutting or single cutting.

    • Ideal for playing cards and trading cards


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    FLAT SACHET PACKAGING: Our Mondini machines allow us to package 1 to 7 items/stickers per envelope in various formats and materials; using the cold sealing process is essential for large productions, and therefore our packaging capacity exceeds one million envelopes per day.
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    FLOW PACK PACKAGING: Our state-of-the-art machines with all the technical advances and with 14 “Longford” feeds allows us to package totally airtight and heat welded packages with a wide variety of materials, from transparent polypropylene to the most sophisticated metallic finishes, containing from a three-dimensional object (dolls, marbles, rings, puzzles etc.) to 50 perfectly organised cards. The automatic change of bobbins and their high speed features allow us to reach productions of up to 500,000 envelopes per day.
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    FOOD PACKAGING: The fully insulated “white” room brings together the essential requirements for handling and stuffing promotional items/stickers into envelopes with the guarantees required for all products that must be in contact with food require. Four machines specifically designed for this purpose gives us a production that can reach 2,000,000 sachets per day


– Leasing and sale of high-speed specialised equipment for the application of stickers and tattoos. Our technical department will carry out a study of your packaging line to adapt our promotion insertion machinery within your process.

– For lines where it is not possible to apply on line, we have machinery to carry out the offline process.

Available machines are:


APPLICATOR HEADS – Application of promotional items for packing
Depending on your one-off promotional needs, we take charge of putting your stickers and/or tattoos on your product packaging, enabling the promotion to arrive correctly to your target audience. These can be stuck to sweets, flow pack bags, tetra briks, bags, etc., both outside and inside the film. Application can be done online, installing our devices in your packaging line or offline, in such a way that we would provide film bobbins with the sticker or tattoo already stuck on the bobbin. Our last generation machine, designed by our engineers, offers our customers all of our over 25 years of experience in the promotions sector.


In cases in which customers have one-off packaging needs for flow pack packaging of products along with selected promotional items, we can install one of our machines built especially for this purpose in your plant or wherever you feel it is suitable.


We have automatic feeders that we can install in your horizontal and vertical packaging lines; our range of feeders consists of friction, gravity, and rotative feeders. Check with our experts in order to find the feeder that suits your needs best.


All of our machines are available in the following modalities:

– Cession during the time that the promotion lasts in cases in which promotional items are served by our company.

– Leasing for one-off needs of our customers or promotional agencies.

– Sales.